KidsHubTV is part of a global disciple-making strategy called KidsHubs where groups of children and leaders master skills as they are mastered by the Bible.  The television show is about a group of children and their leaders who learn fun skills, explore the Bible, and follow Jesus together.

Leaders teach skills that children are already interested in, like sport, and use teachable moments to model what being a disciple looks like. Children are clever and able, and can learn to serve God now by His grace—just like their growing leaders.

KidsHubTV! It’s happening all over the world, encouraging partnership and connecting communities. Fun skills! Growing faith! Awesome God!

Every moment is an opportunity to disciple the next generation!


You could start your own KidsHub and make a video of your group or a Bible story to send to us!!


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Jacques, 12 Years Old
My favourite food is Lasagna, and my favourite animal is Zebra, because they stick together, no matter what. Playing the piano is one of my talents, and I enjoy doing science and maths at school. I gave my life to Jesus when I was 3 years old, while watching the “Godman” movie with my dad. I was really worried about the devil taking over my life, and I asked my mom to help me invite Jesus into my life. She prayed with me and since that day, I felt safe, secure and happy because I knew that Jesus was now in control of my life, and not the devil. I love KidsHubTV and together with the other presenters, telling the children about Jesus’ love for us.
Thalia, 11 years old
I favorite weather is when it is sunny because those days are fun and warm! I love art and creating beautiful things. When I was 3 years old my Dad was telling me about Jesus as he read me three Bible stories. When he was done reading he began to pray for me, particularly that I would be a christian, do what is right and do God’s will. After my Dad left the room I prayed to God for the first time and asked God to live in my heart and be my Lord and Saviour. God has done lots of miracles in my life! I think other should become Christians because there is only one three God who can do incredible miracles in peoples lives. I know he can because God is awesome and does things in his own time.
Reuben, 11 years old
My favourite Bible Story is Psalm 23, because it reminds me that God is always looking out for me. I am friendly, kind and motivated, and my favourite food is home made pasta! If I could be an animal, I would be a warthog, because I love how their tails stick up into the air when they run! I love the rainy weather most, because then I can ride my bike through the mud puddles! One of my talents is to wheelie on my bike. I love spending time with my friends at school, and Afrikaans is my favourite subject. When I attended a youth event at Shikwaru Lodge, we sang a lot of fun songs and played games. I knew that asking Jesus to be part of my life would change my life forever. I said the prayer to accept Jesus as my Saviour and my life has been changed since that day. KidsHubTV has taught me so many different aspects of making movies, and I loved being part of something that is going to change children’s lives.
Narissa, 15 years old
I love dancing and learning new things! My favorite food is Italian food, especially pizza and pasta. My Church held camps for kids every year and I went to a lot of them. At one of these camps they had a session where you could just talk to God and give your heart to Him. Although I was raised in a Christian family and loved God, I never fully understood what it meant to know HIm. At the session I was praying to God to give my heart to Him but I felt no connection. As I stood up to leave one of the camp leaders came over to me and prayed with me. I felt such a rush of love and affection, that I knew it had to come from God. That was the day I changed from a Christian child to a Christian!
Nicole, 15 years old
My favorite Bible story is the story of Esther. It is about a beautiful queen of only 15, who's just as courageous and feisty as any other adult queen. Growing up in a christian home, I gave my life to Jesus when I was 3 years old. I enjoying being a part of KidsHub because I get to learn more about life on TV and I get to spread the gospel!
Kegan, 13 years old
I like to play guitar, and I would say that I am athletic, intelligent, and creative! If I could be any animal I would be a dolphin, because they are very cool creatures! When I was small and reading a book with my Mom she asked me if I would like to be a real Christian. I said yes and prayed to the Lord, and since that day my life was changed. That made me very happy, I’m glad I get to share that with people and help them learn more about Christ.
Klara, 12 years old
My favorite food in the whole world is my Mom’s delicious macaroni and cheese! I also love that my school has a new no homework policy! My family and I always went to church, but I never really understood why. One week the Pastor told us all that we had to give our hearts to Jesus Christ, so I went to the of the room corner by myself and closed my eyes. There I told God that I am giving my heart to Him but I still didn’t quite understand. When I was 8 I went to a KIM Camp (with my church) and immediately as we started learning about God everything snapped into place! Why we go to church, and give out hearts to God! I’m so glad I get to be apart of this amazing show.
Zia, 11 years old
If I could describe myself in three words they would be energetic, enthusiastic, and playful! My favorite sort of weather is rain, because I like to play in the puddles. In 2009 I asked Jesus to be my personal Savior. Although God is so huge and greater than the universe, He loves and cares for me. I wan other children to also know Him so that they can feel loved and be happy too.
Dazzy, 13 years old
I love to eat pizza and have fun! When I used to go to church I didn’t listen much, but my dad told me I should listen. The next week when my Dad asked me what they talked about at church, that is when I met Jesus. I enjoy working with KidsHub because it’s fun being with the people!
Nachelle, 13 years old
If I could be any animal, I would be a giraffe because I would love to be very tall! I accepted Christ into my heart in my quiet time, and it made me feel better. I love getting to be apart of KidsHub because we get to let others learn about God!
Bontle, 14 years old
If I could describe myself in three words it would be talkative, adventurous, and divergent! I once went to a bible study at my friends house and we prayed together, this inspired me to pray and read my bible more often. From there on I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior and I want to get baptized this year! I enjoy being apart of KidsHub because I get the chance to meet different people and inspire others by teaching them about God’s word!
Inga, 14 years old
I love to eat, ALL FOOD! And I enjoy dancing, singing, and beatboxing! I believe that as Christians we are supposed to love people and love one another. I love being a part of KidsHub, we always have fun working together!
Perfect, 10 years old
I love to play cricket, and enjoy being outside in the sunshine! I’m so glad that the bible says that Jesus loves the children of the world, and I am one of them! Being a part of KidsHub lets me help teach other children about God is a fun way!
Chief Mafuta
Lady G-Raffelous
Lady G-Raffelous
Miki Monkey
Miki Monkey

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