The Hope For a Nation lessons are designed to teach children about their inherent self-worth and purpose as unique and loved creations of God. There are a total of 12 lessons, each designed to teach a specific set of learning objectives focused around different themes. The Hope for a Nation Books are for Lower Primary: Grades 0-3 and Higher Primary: Grades 4-7.


The stories in these lessons start in Genesis and move chronologically through the story of the Bible. Each lesson is told as a story that you can read from the leader’s guide or tell in your own words. By teaching the big picture of God’s work in history, the children will have a deeper understanding of the world they live in.

They will learn week by week, as the story unfolds, just how powerfully sovereign God is as he worked through history to bring salvation. By showing the big story, the children will be able to see how each story impacts all the other stories, leading up to the climax when Jesus offered his life for our salvation.

It will help God’s plan make sense to them. It will also show them where they belong in the story. They are a part of God’s historical work, just like the heroes they will learn about! This sense of belonging to a bigger story is powerful for casting a vision for their own lives and motivating them to learn more.